Photo collage installation, red yarn, collage video

7'x4', 3min

#AllRappersGoToHeaven is an archival based installation derived from various online social media platforms and streaming services. Exploring the areas of intersecting identities, validating behavioral dissonance, and dissemination and it’s subsequent influence, this project casts a light on the lives and actions of Black, Muslim rappers. As an Black, Muslim artist, it is important to me that I make work that examines my own identities as well as provides context for aspects of my lived experience. Since 2014, I have archived photos, tweets, Instagram videos, song lyrics, etc. under the hashtag #AllRappersGoToHeaven. This practice arose out of noticing a trend of pop culture celebrities --some respectfully and some playfully-- engaging with aspects of Islam; the lingo, the dress, the behaviors. Soon, this hashtag grew into a known indicator supported by peers who would also use the hashtag and forward me new content within this realm. Today, I present this body of work as an installation, arranged as a collage with string linking recurring patterns, an audio headset to listen to the lyrics posted, and the projected short film combining all of the gathered videos.

Presented at University of Maryland’s StartUp Shell (College Park, MD) and New Media Caucus’s 2019 Border Control Symposium (Ann Arbor, MI)