EASE (2017)

SPACE (2017)

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These two letterpress prints incorporate Quranic verses that I am very fond of. In Ease, the verses "So Verily, with the hardship, there is relief. Verily, with the hardship, there is relief" (95:5-6) are a reminder to readers that with one hardship there are two reliefs on the way. In other translations, the word "relief" is used interchangeably with "ease," thus the title of the piece. In the print Space, I interpret the verse "The skies and the Earth were once one mass, then We split them apart" (21:30) as evidence of the scientific Big Bang theory explaining the beginning of our universe.


In both of these prints, I aim to pair Quranic verse with natural forces and phenomena. The harshness of the waves in Ease  represent difficulties and the encircling of the cube (tawaf around the Kaaba) in Space represent the orbiting of planets around our Sun. Based on concepts of "one mass" and "split" mentioned in the verse, the Kaaba is fragmented into 3 separate shapes expanding. To emphasize the cosmic intention of the piece, I chose to print black ink onto black card stock, creating a shimmering metallic reflection that would contrast with its background and depict the vast darkness of outer space. Additionally, I am fascinated by the minimalism of monochrome 2D art and its ability to draw viewers in closer in search of detail.

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