Thoughts on Time, Memory, and Reality

It's been a busy couple of weeks for me, in which I completed my first presentation and academic paper of my grad school career; Thankfully on a topic I am very interested in: how we perceive reality. The aforementioned assignments were on the readings of John Berger (Ways of Seeings), Jean Baudrillard (The Precession of the Simulacra), Rebecca Solnit (The Annihilation of Time and Space), and Maurice Stevens (From the Deluge), bringing together topics of space-time in regards to the industrial revolution(s); semiotics and iconology; and simulation-based media. 

I've been toying with the idea of how we understand time and recall memory. What are the limitations of memory, if any? Does perception of time change within species of different lifespans? Do non-human species perceive time?? How could we tell if so? Recently, as I was keying in produce codes of fruit and vegetables based on muscle memory--I work at Whole Foods--I began a conversation with the woman I was tending to about memory. I inquired if knowing the codes to so many items took up memory storage in my brain to which she informed me that humans have unlimited memory! Where she heard that--I don't recall, but will be beginning research on it.  

This prompted me to contact my friend Aayesha who is currently studying (some form of) Psych at John Hopkins University. She developed a unique (though un-tested) memory theory that depicts memories as randomized spikes in triggered by an on-going pulse. Since her very first, deeply passionate explanation of this theory, I have been enamored by the rich visual content it holds, desiring to further articulate and create it in a moving, tangible form. Until I am able to discern the most appropriate medium and materials for that grander project, I have designed a smaller-scaled project that, in theory, would provoke ones most significant memories through participation with an audiovisual stimulant: a mechanical timer.


p.s.: I'm super proud of my presentation and subsequent academic essay; email if interested!

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