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Dedicated to arts education in museums and non-profits, I identify as a teaching artist who prioritizes marginalized Baltimore youth. I have over 5 years of experience in research, outreach, curriculum building, content development, and organizational programming. From animation to zine-making, I have taught all age ranges from elementary school to the collegiate level. Partnering with entities such as Baltimore City Public Schools to the ACLU-MD, here are just a few of the projects that have stuck out in my years of arts education.

Various Art Activities | Baltimore Museum
of Art

For these projects, I worked directly with the Baltimore Museum of Art’s Assistant Director of Advancement Events to create and implement engaging and fun art-making activities, via online instructional videos and in-person events, relevant to current exhibitions and Collections for external stakeholders such as Corporate Council Members and Sponsors.  

The Art of Stop-Motion Animation | UMBC Summer Enrichment Academy

These 2D animations were produced by middle and high school students of all levels. Through the course of a week, I led 14 young people towards the goal of a minute-long animation; The first year (Summer 2019, led by Stephen Bradley) using arts and crafts provided at UMBC and the second year (Summer 2020, assisted by Camille Olliverre) repurposing found objects virtually due to COVID-19.

Strength to Love II Farm Branding | Wide Angle Youth Media

During the Summer 2018 Youth Works session, the Design Team set out to develop brand and marketing materials for a local Baltimore-based organization. We chose Strength to Love II Farm in the Sandtown-Winchester community to address food insecurity and better inform the neighborhood’s residents on how to incorporate raw veggies into their diet.

THE SKIN WE'RE IN | Wide Angle Youth Media

Students from local middle schools gathered at the Orleans branch of the Enoch Pratt Free Library to learn graphic design and Black American history. They worked individually and in pairs to create a two-page spread, choosing topics that were personally important to them on the theme Why Black Lives Matter. Using their learned knowledge of history, research, and design, they created this 18 page zine. 

Stop the Plastic Monster | WAYM + Towson University

Students from TU Assistant Professor Lynn Tomlinson's Animation Action Lab course and high school students from WAYM's Design and Video Teams met for a series of workshops to create a short animation on the environmental harms of plastic pollution. In addition to assisting students where needed, my involvement in these films include development of creative content, preparing cut out materials, video editing, and upkeep of release forms and student documentation.

ABCs not SUSPENSIONS | Wide Angle Youth Media

Upon learning that pre-k through 2nd grade students were receiving harsh punishment for petty offenses, WAYM's Design Time took it upon themselves to address the issue. After research and information provided by the Maryland Coalition To Reform School Discipline, students created this door hanger to persuade legislators in Annapolis, Maryland to vote in favor of House Bill 425, prohibiting the suspension and/or expulsion of pre-k through 2nd graders. 

What's a Composite Score!? | Wide Angle Youth Media

Partnering with Baltimore City Public Schools (BCPS), Wide Angle Youth Media's Design Team was tasked with creating a useful tool for middle school students to learn about composite scores. Composite scores are used to gauge a student's aptitude for high school entry. This double-sided, interactive card was created to both inform and engage students. Though an assistant instructor at WAYM, I took the lead on this project by providing students with the tools and information for research, meeting  with BCPS staff, and overseeing design decisions.