This project began as me seeking advice for a letterpress design, and soon became a study on the interpretations of the quote's meaning and most effective design based on the opinions of participants who differed in age and educational background. Each participant was told to choose their favorite pair (placed side by side). 


This quote is a direct tweet from Jaden Smith's twitter. Here are some of the responses per each pair, respectively:

1st: "this is more visually appealing because there is depth and the harder it is to read makes you want to read it more" - Letterpress major, 25

2nd pair: "because it's easy to read!" - Political Science major, 22


3rdpair: "I love it" - Math major, 22

4thpair: "this really honestly truly stresses me out" - Public Health major, 23

5th pair: "I chose it off the fact that it had "No's" lighter than the rest" - Biology major, 19